This is the P&C Association's 2nd hand uniform shop.

The aim is to provide good quality uniforms that are no longer required at a flat fee. The funds generated will be used to support Student Services provide health and wellbeing services to our students.

As this is an online shop only, there are no facilities for trying on uniforms for sizing. Please ensure you note the student name and Care Group ID. Orders placed by Friday COB will be available from Student Services from Monday lunchtime for pickup. If it is a Public Holiday then order will be delivered Tuesday.

During school holidays individual arrangements will be made for orders to be picked up offsite.

As Student Services have limited room, would you please pick up your orders Monday after school or as soon as possible during the week - Thank you

There are also uniforms for sale by parents available on the Sustainable School Shop

That site provides parents and carers the ability to buy and sell not only uniforms, but also textbooks and other school equipment.

Please note - The Sustainable School Shop is not run by the P&C or has any affiliation with Applecross SHS – it is an alternative for those parents that may wish to sell their uniforms and textbooks and source uniforms that may not be in stock in our online shop.


If you have uniforms that are no longer needed or grown out of and would like to donate these - there is a small red wheelie bin in the foyer of the Health Centre near Student Services.


We have sorted clothing into those items that are a very good to excellent condition, and those that are good. The good items have no damage but may be more faded. We do not have clothing that is torn or where buttons are missing or zips broken. We do not have excessively faded items or those with quite obvious marks/stains.

We also at times will have some individual items listed where there is a photo that identifies a mark that is noticeable but not maybe in a prominent spot. The following items just have one price:

  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Music Shirts
  • Tennis Program Items

The second hand uniform volunteers take care in sorting garments appropriately, but there may be items overlooked.

Also keep in mind that dye lots and cloth batches can vary from run to run - red shirts notoriously change shades of red from one batch to the next. If you purchase something that is damaged, please email us so that we can arrange a replacement where available or a refund.

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